February 2015

Weather extremists

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory modelers turn to extreme-scale computing to simulate climate and weather extremes like the ‘Pineapple Express’ that drenched the West Coast this winter.

September 2012

Sphere of influence

Los Alamos researchers have re-partitioned our planetary sphere to focus on regions of particular interest in global climate models.

June 2012

Storm tracking

Graph theory reveals hidden links that could greatly improve scientists’ predictions of hurricane activity.

October 2010

Virtual ice-breaker

Fractures fuel the breakup of ice sheets and herald the effects of global waming, but climate models find it tough to track the cracks.

September 2009

Past blasts

Climate modelers are analyzing the past 150 years of weather to compare today’s storms and climate trends to yesteryear’s.

June 2009

Clearing up clouds

A team hopes to disperse the haze surrounding clouds’ behavior and influence on the atmosphere. The tool: a simulation operating at an exceptionally fine scale.