May 2018   |   Computer Science, New Faces

The incredible shrinking data

An Argonne National Laboratory computer scientist finds efficiencies for extracting knowledge from a data explosion.

Astrophysics, Computer Science
May 2018

Balancing the load

Los Alamos researchers develop code to distribute computation more efficiently and across increasing numbers of supercomputer processors.

April 2018

Guiding light

Simulations on Oak Ridge’s Titan supercomputer reveal how pulsed lasers can best sculpt metal nanoparticles.

Biology, Chemistry
March 2018

Protein shape-sifting

Rice University team computes protein conformations for paths around autoimmunity.

Science Highlights

March 2018

The Secret Lives of Cells

Supercomputer simulations predict how E. coli adapts to environmental stresses.

Warmer temperatures can alter a cell’s protein structure. Researchers developed a systems-level computational model, FoldME, that can accurately predict how E. coli responds to temperature changes and genetic mutations. FoldME could aid in designing engineered organisms useful in biofuel production and patient-specific treatments for bacterial infections.

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