November 2023   |   Special Report

Diversity included

DOE CSGF fellows and alumni infuse their research and mentoring with efforts to build an inclusive workforce.

Energy, Exascale Science
November 2023

Small packages, big rewards

Oak Ridge’s algorithms for exascale computers, a Gordon Bell Prize finalist at SC23, anticipates the arrival of next-generation nuclear power for climate-change mitigation.

November 2023

Mapping DNA’s folds

UIC-led team uses powerful computers to unfurl genomic secrets.

Computer Science, Nuclear Physics
October 2023

Now streaming: nuclear physics

JLab adapts internet TV approach to filter, calibrate and analyze accelerator data in real time.

Science Highlights

October 2022

Untangling quantum entanglement

An Oak Ridge-led team identifies a promising so-called entanglement witnesses to identify pairs of entangled magnetic particles.

Proving quantum entanglement – when a magnetic particle’s spin mirrors another’s properties and behavior regardless of their distance from each other – has been a major challenge in quantum information science. The team studied an entanglement witness, or method for identifying entanglement, called QFI  (quantum Fisher information) by applying the witness to neutron scattering experiments at the Spallation Neutron Source, a Department of Energy user facility at DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Because of their neutral charge and nondestructive nature, the neutrons provided valuable insights into the properties of two different spin chains, or linear lines of connected spins within quantum materials. To validate their results, the researchers also ran computational simulations and analyzed data from older experiments conducted at the ISIS Neutron Source and the Institut Laue-Langevin.

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