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June 2022

Work shift

A Sandia researcher looks at how COVID-19 has reshaped the computational science community and remote work – in lasting ways.

May 2022

Bargain proteins

A Flatiron Institute biologist uses supercomputers and their quantum cousins to streamline the search for  promising drugs.

May 2022

Taking charge

At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, researchers simulate ion transport for ways to predict and improve materials for energy storage.

April 2022

Exascale rocks

A Berkeley Lab-led project will bring exascale supercomputing to bear on microscopic subsurface fissures, helping foresee issues with subterranean carbon storage.

February 2022

Memory boost

A PNNL-industry collaboration aims to connect memory across processors, supercharging artificial intelligence applications on high-performance computers.

January 2022

Sustainable cities

Oak Ridge researchers harness Argonne’s Theta supercomputer to build energy-efficiency models for all U.S. buildings.