Computer Science

Data alchemy

Checking our email, video-meeting on Zoom, using digital wallets to buy groceries, and analyzing vast amounts of scientific data all… Read More

July 14, 2021

Banishing blackouts

The most extensive blackout in North American history occurred on Aug. 14, 2003, affecting an estimated 55 million people in… Read More

October 14, 2020

The incredible shrinking data

Tom Peterka submitted his Early Career Research Program proposal to the Department of Energy (DOE) last year with a sensible… Read More

May 16, 2018

Balancing the load

Simulating complex systems on supercomputers requires that scientists get hundreds of thousands, even millions of processor cores working together in… Read More

May 1, 2018

Reducing uncertainty

In scientific simulations, one sure thing is uncertainty. But a researcher at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Sandia National Laboratories… Read More

February 14, 2018

Language barrier

A Purdue University assistant professor of computer science leads a group effort to find new and better ways to generate… Read More

November 29, 2017

A Spark in the dark

Most of the universe is dark, with dark matter and dark energy comprising more than 95 percent of its mass-energy.… Read More

October 25, 2017

Quantum wave

The Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is taking an early plunge into a kind of computer so… Read More

October 11, 2017

Digital autodidact

In an age when cars park themselves and computers talk at their human users, Mallikarjun (Arjun) Shankar of the Department… Read More

August 25, 2017

Brain-like computing

As Stephen Hawking once said, “the brain is essentially a computer.” No other thinking machine gets mentioned more as the… Read More

May 24, 2017