Hard target

Scientists have painted a bull’s-eye on a new target in the AIDS virus, a triumph not only for authors of… Read More

June 5, 2013

The cloud versus E. coli

When biologists needed to quickly analyze strains suspected in the E. coli outbreak still reverberating through Europe, the Department of Energy’s… Read More

July 5, 2011

Pinpointing proteins

Anyone who has tried to match an unfamiliar bird’s features to its field guide portrait knows that reality rarely provides… Read More

March 30, 2011

Simulating Life

Part of the Science at the Exascale series. Simulating biology won’t be extremely useful without extreme-scale computing. Biology demands a… Read More

March 14, 2011

Like clockwork

Timing is everything for Tal Danino and his colleagues. Using computer simulation and genetic engineering, they’re synchronizing bacteria into something… Read More

January 21, 2010

Unfolding protein

The latter half of the 20th century brought an avalanche of discoveries about the basic building blocks of life. Scientists… Read More

August 7, 2009

Keeping the beat

The rhythm of a human heart, beating along at 70 or so contractions a minute, arises from precisely timed electrical… Read More

May 7, 2009

Food poisoning and computing

Just call him the “Glue Guy.” No, Chris Oehmen doesn’t have an Elmer’s fixation. He’s the glue that helps hold… Read More

June 4, 2007